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exp4j available on maven central

posted by fas on 2011-10-18 . Tagged as java, exp4j, programming, math

exp4j-0.2.9 has found it's way to maven central.


exp4j 0.2.x API changes

posted by fas on 2011-07-18 . Tagged as projects, java, exp4j, programming, math

exp4j 0.2 packs some changes in the API, which should make it easier and more comfortable to use in a programmatic way by using a new ExpressionBuilder API.


Securing a RESTful JPA WebApp with Tomcat's JDBCRealm and Jersey via HTTP Basic-Auth

posted by fas on 2011-04-02 . Tagged as hibernate, java, jersey, programming, jsr250, jee, tomcat

Handling Basic HTTP Auth with JAX-RS, Tomcat 7, JPA and javax.security Annotations was a bit of a struggle to me, so I wanted to share the experience.


exp4j: a simple mathematical expression parser for java

posted by fas on 2010-12-22 . Tagged as projects, java, exp4j, programming, math

exp4j is a small java library for parsing mathematical expressions using Dijkstra's Shunting Yard Algorithm.