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Grim days: Apache Software Foundation resigns from the JCP Executive Commitee

posted by fas on 2010-12-10 . Tagged as java

Today the Apache Software Foundation declared it's resignation from the JCP most important device, the Executive Committee, mainly because of Oracle's attitude towards the Open Source community.
The Java Community Process is the mechanism by which new features get added to the Java Language Specification and the Executive Committee is the desicion maker on every level of this process. They get to decide which specification gets to be approved for development. It reviews the early drafts of the specs together with the community, and decides when a new draft is ready to be released to the public and they have the last word when finally adding newly drafted specs to the Java language.
The Company from California which has acquired SUN Microsystems is "prohibiting the distribution of open source implementations of the spec" says the Apache Software Foundation on their website
Additionally they say Oracle's submission of the Java 7 Spec is "self-contradictory" and "severely restricting distribution of independent implementations"
Further the ASF accuses Oracle to be in breach of the JSPA (Java Specification Participation Agreement) which every active member of the JCP must submit to, because like Sun Microsytems did from 2006 on (ASF's open letter to SUN), oracle does not seem to honor their responsibilities, by not granting the needed and openly promised Licenses to variuos Open Source Projects. The current stumbling block is Apache's Project Harmony which is refused a TCK License for Java SE by Oracle.

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