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Born Dead or Alive: Google's WebP, another JPEG Alternative.

posted by fas on 2010-10-06 . Tagged as web

Google's new web image format WebP (say: weppy) could be the next corpse in the sea of failed JPEG replacements. WebP is based on Google's own open source WebM Project for encoding and decoding video. Like JPEG or PNG WebP features a lossy compression. WebP encoded images are up to 40% smaller than a comparable JPEG file. The WebP images have their own RIFF container so that metadata can be easily added and could be easily upgraded to hold more meta information in the future. In a comparison google found that the compression of WebP gains more advantage over the JPEG algorithm when the size of the file is small. Since the web is full of these small images and these images comprise a great part of the traffic generated in the World Wide Web, it sounds like a very nice alternative on paper.
Let's see what the future holds for JPEG/PNG and/or WebP.
Sources: Dr. Dobbs, WebP, RIFF

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