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Farewell to James Gosling!

posted by fas on 2010-04-12 . Tagged as java, blog

Oh, the times we live in! James Gosling announced on his blog that he left Oracle. After working 25 years for Sun Microsytems leaving soon after Oracle's aqcuisition, the man credited with the invention of the Java Programming Language writes that he will now take a break before looking for a new project.
Losing the third big name after Scott McNealy and Jonathan Schwartz might indicate that Oracle has trouble keeping Sun's former staff. In my opinion the negative effect this would have on the Java language is not very grave, because of the JCP and the transparency of the Specs. But what about the JDK and the Hotspot JVM? I would not want to be the one having to familiarize himself with that codebase. The Hotspot JVM alone got ca. 250,000 lines of C++ code.

Tags: java, blog