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EHCache library bloat

posted by fas on 2010-04-06 . Tagged as programming, jee, ehcache, java, maven, hibernate

It came to me as a surprise when i realized my lean and sleek webapp has just been bloated by adding EHCache as a 2-level cache for Hibernate. And not just by a bit. Including ehcache-core in the pom.xml gives you ehcache-terracotta as a derived dependency you'll end up with an 11Mb bigger footprint on the HDD. So adding EHCache to my project inflated the size of my project by 100%. WTH people? Having ehcache-core include ehcache-terracotta is just plain wrong on so many levels.

Update:It seems this has been changed in ehcache-core 2.1.0!

Tags: programming, jee, ehcache, java, maven, hibernate