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I am Frank, a freelance Java developer specialized in backend development from south western germany.

Open Repositories 2012: "Akubra HDFS as a storage backend for fedora commons"

posted by fas on 2012-10-12 . Tagged as akubra, hadoop, java, fedora

Paper and Presentation from the Open Repositories 2012 in Edinburgh including some numbers about the performance of akubra-hdfs.


Serializing Apache Jena's RDF resources via JAXB into JSON docments in a JAX-RS context.

posted by fas on 2012-02-17 . Tagged as rdf, java, json, jersey

This didn't come easy to me, so I'm sharing my experiences with RDF serialization, using the Apache Jena framework and the Jackson JSON processor.


exp4j available on maven central

posted by fas on 2011-10-18 . Tagged as math, exp4j, java, programming

exp4j-0.2.9 has found it's way to maven central.


exp4j 0.2.x API changes

posted by fas on 2011-07-18 . Tagged as math, exp4j, java, programming, projects

exp4j 0.2 packs some changes in the API, which should make it easier and more comfortable to use in a programmatic way by using a new ExpressionBuilder API.